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About Us


The Costa Group can help you to distinguish your voice in the competitive market for legal services. Using a variety of communications and marketing tools, we help you break through the clutter and connect with your clients. We practice an integrated approach, aligning a firm’s communications on multiple channels - both internal and external - to support a strategic and focused marketing program. Here’s how we can help:



Media Relations


  • Implement a proactive media strategy to help you shape the public conversation about your firm.

Thought Leadership

  • Be the name that comes to mind when your clients face their toughest legal challenges or need groundbreaking legal innovation.


Intelligent Communications


  • Prepare your firm for a new era of data-driven legal marketing.

Directories and Awards


  • Earn recognition and enhance your reputation through awards and rankings

Building your reputation as a recognized leader in the legal marketplace is not an easy task, but The Costa Group is exceptionally well positioned to help you overcome this challenge. Contact us to learn more.


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